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Eyelashes extensions are used to enhance the length-curliness-fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. Most extensions are made from several materials including mink-synthetic or human hair. They come with varies length and sizes.
Classic and Volume Lashes are single lashes glued on one by one to your own lashes to make them look thicker and longer-just like your own. Extensions will look longer for sure, but the thickness depends on the thickness of your own lashes, which we cannot add more than it can hold. Because They’re not strong enough to support the weight of the extensions and it might collapse. So, therefore, we can only put on so many. Lashes cycle are naturally falling off and replace by itself…They grow, fall out, and regrow again in a natural cycle. However, the length of your lash extensions will depend upon the growth cycle of your natural lash. They go through 3 stages of growth, which Anagen-Catagen-Telogen.

Salon Policy
After Care Instructions To All Lashes
No rubbing-picking-scratching-Keep dry-Use none oily make-up remover.
Fill-ins recommended every 2-3 weeks… After 3 weeks will consider as a full set

  • False Lashes-Strip Lashes    $25

  • Individual-Group Lashes-Full-Set $45
  • Individual-Group Lashes-Fill-ins $25 & up
  • Remove with FullSet $10
  • Remove Only $25

  • Classic-Single-Lashes-Full-Set $75
  • Classic-Single-Lashes-Fill-ins $35 & up
  • Remove With Full set $10
  • Remove Only $25

  • Volume-Single-3D Lashes-Full set $95
  • Volume-Single-3D Lashes-Fill-ins $45 & up
  • Remove With Full set $10
  • Remove Only $25
Eyebrows-Eyelashes Tints     $45

A semi-permanent tint is a temporary tint that applied over your eyelashes or eyebrows just like hair tint to help them look darker and enhanced the beauty of it. If you’re so tired of real light eyebrows and eyelashes, it’s time to consider this procedure! It takes about 20 minutes, and you will love the result of it. As they are semi-permanent tint. they usually last up to about 4-6 weeks and eventually faded.

Eyelashes Perm-3D     $45
Creating semi-permanent curls by using the little perm-rods that wrap around your Eyelashes to enhanced beautiful permanent curls with Eyelashes perm solution. The process takes about 15-20 minutes. They usually last up to 2 months. This procedure is really great and benefits to the client that have really straight eyelashes. They always look nice and curly at all times.